Former Anakin Skywalker Actor, Jake Lloyd, Admitted to Mental Health Facility After Psychotic Episode

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Jake Lloyd Mental Health: Troubling Incident on the Road

In a recent interview with Scripps News, Lisa Lloyd, the mother of Jake Lloyd, best known for his portrayal of young Anakin Skywalker in "Episode I — The Phantom Menace," provided a candid account of her son's struggles with mental health.

Jake, now 35 years old, was admitted to a mental health facility in March 2023 following a harrowing psychotic episode.

A Disturbing History

According to Lisa, the incident occurred as they were returning home from McDonald's, with Jake abruptly turning off the car while they were in the middle lane of the road.

This alarming behavior triggered a flurry of 911 calls from concerned drivers, prompting police intervention. Lisa recounted the distressing scene, noting that Jake was speaking gibberish when questioned by the authorities, leading to his hospitalization.

A Long Battle with Mental Illness

Diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2008, Jake has faced a long and arduous battle with mental illness. Despite initial misdiagnoses and unsuccessful treatments, including medication for bipolar disorder, his condition continued to deteriorate over the years.

Lisa recalled moments from Jake's high school years when Jake Lloyd began questioning realities and expressing paranoia, which escalated during his time at Columbia College in Chicago, where he believed he was being surveilled by individuals with "black eyes."

Seeking Help and Recovery

The situation reached a critical point in 2015 when Jake was arrested after engaging in a car chase with the police, leading to a crash and subsequent incarceration. However, it wasn't until later that Jake Lloyd consented to seek help, spending nearly 10 months behind bars before beginning his journey toward recovery.

Dismissing Speculations and Maintaining Hope

Addressing speculations linking Jake's mental health struggles to criticisms of his film work, Lisa vehemently dismissed such notions, attributing his condition to genetic predisposition.

She emphasized her efforts to shield Jake from negative reactions, ensuring he remained unaware of any online criticisms.

A Devoted Fan of “Star Wars”

Despite the challenges Jake Lloyd faces, Lisa revealed that Jake remains a devoted fan of the "Star Wars" franchise, expressing hope for his eventual recovery and possible return to related projects. She highlighted Jake's enjoyment of his time working on "Star Wars" and expressed optimism for his future.

Hope for the Future

As Jake continues his treatment in the mental health facility's inpatient program, his family remains supportive, with Lisa noting his positive response to the program and encouraging signs of improvement.

With time and continued care, they remain hopeful for Jake's journey toward wellness and the possibility of a brighter future.

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