“Philadelphia Eagles Icon Jason Kelce Retires After 13 Seasons, Sets Sights on Lucrative Podcasting Career”

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Kelce Brothers Reflect on Emotional Retirement Announcement

Football fans were given a glimpse into the emotional journey of both Travis and Jason Kelce as they navigated Jason's official retirement from the NFL after an illustrious 13-season career.

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Emotional Retirement Announcement

During Jason's retirement announcement, emotions ran high as he struggled to hold back tears while expressing gratitude towards his teammates. Travis, seated in the audience, was visibly moved by his brother's heartfelt words.

Travis Kelce’s Pride and Support

Travis, while facing difficulty in finding the right words, expressed profound pride in Jason's career. He emphasized their close bond, acknowledging Jason's role as a guiding force throughout their lives.

Jason Kelce’s Accomplishments and Legacy

With six All-Pro selections and a pivotal role in the Eagles' first Super Bowl victory, Jason's legacy as one of the NFL's premier centers is undeniable. Travis hailed his brother's career as a resounding success, acknowledging the impact Jason has had on the sport.

Looking Towards the Future

As Jason embarks on the next chapter of his life, embracing full-time fatherhood, Travis expresses excitement for his brother's journey. He highlighted Jason's role as a devoted father to his three children and the promising future ahead.

Appreciation for Philadelphia and Eagles Fans

Both brothers expressed admiration for the city of Philadelphia and the passionate Eagles fan base. Travis emphasized Jason's embodiment of the city's spirit and the profound impact of their support throughout his career.

Retirement Speculation Surrounding Travis

While retirement rumors have circulated around Travis, given his extensive achievements in the NFL, he has clarified that his time has not yet come. However, when it does, the bond between the Kelce brothers promises to make it an emotional affair.


The retirement announcement of Jason Kelce has provided an intimate look into the bond shared between him and his brother Travis. As they navigate this transition together, their unwavering support and admiration for each other serve as a testament to the power of family in the world of professional sports.


Why did Jason Kelce retire?
During the latest installment of the "New Heights" podcast, the ex-Philadelphia Eagles standout revealed that he departed from his usual practice of consulting other retired NFL players about when to retire. Kelce indicated that he felt it was time to hang up his cleats, primarily because of persistent injuries.
How long was Jason Kelce's retirement speech?
Jason Kelce bid farewell to the NFL on Monday with a poignant 41-minute speech, marked by tears, as he concluded his 13-season career. His heartfelt goodbye stood as a remarkable moment in its own right

What is Jason Kelce's salary?

During his 13-year NFL career, Jason Kelce amassed a total salary of $81.7 million. However, following his retirement, the Philadelphia Eagles icon is poised to generate even greater earnings, particularly through podcasting endeavors.

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