“Killer Mike” US Rapper got ‘cuffed’ at the Grammy Awards even after snagging three trophies.

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Cops Take Killer Mike After Winning Grammys 2024

Video footage circulating on social media captured the moment when U.S. rapper Killer Mike was led away in handcuffs backstage at the Grammy Awards, right after securing three wins earlier in the evening.

The clip shows the 48-year-old artist being detained, accompanied by a voice expressing disbelief with words like, "Are you serious? What the heck?"

This incident occurred following Killer Mike's significant success in the rap category, where he claimed the Best Rap Album for his sixth studio album, "Michael." Additionally, his track "Scientists And Engineers" featuring Andre 3000, Future, and Eryn Allen Kane earned him victories in the categories of Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance.

Source: Twitter/Chris Gardner 

A representative from the Los Angeles Police Department informed the PA news agency that a man was taken into custody during the awards ceremony but did not disclose the individual's identity.

The spokesperson stated, "Around four o'clock this afternoon, a grown man was apprehended by the police due to a physical altercation that took place inside the Crypto arena."

Grammy Winner Faces Controversy: Handcuffed Amid Celebrations and Identity Mystery

"They put handcuffs on the person and removed them from the event; currently, authorities are questioning them. If the person is officially booked and arrested, that's when their identity will be disclosed.

       Source: Youtube/ABC7

The American artist celebrated multiple Grammy wins on stage during the pre-telecast ceremony. In a spirited speech, he addressed those who believe one is too old to rap, stating, 'This is for all the people who think you’re too old to rap … we keep hip hop alive. Never ever stop doing what you do.' Later, he emphasized, 'You cannot tell me dreams do not come true.'

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About Killer Mike

In addition to his music endeavors, Mike is recognized for his advocacy against racial inequality, particularly for Black individuals.

He played a prominent role as a vocal supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders' 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Furthermore, he hosted 'Trigger Warning with Killer Mike,' a 2019 documentary series on Netflix that delved into issues impacting the Black community.

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