Kobe Bryant is immortalized with a 19-foot bronze statue outside the Lakers’ downtown arena.

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The Los Angeles Lakers revealed a statue of Kobe Bryant on Thursday, paying tribute to their beloved late star with a 19-foot bronze representation outside their downtown arena.

The 4,000-pound statue shows Kobe Bryant wearing his white No. 8 jersey, with his right index finger raised, mirroring his exit from the court after his remarkable 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors in January 2006.

Source; Twitter/Lakers 

Why Kobe Bryant Statue is Created?

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe's widow, mentioned during the dedication ceremony that the statue is the first of three planned to honor the Lakers' five-time NBA champion and all-time leading scorer.

Another statue will portray Kobe Bryant in his No. 24 jersey, worn during the latter part of his career, while a third will depict Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, who tragically passed away with him and seven others in a helicopter crash in January 2020.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar remarked, "While this statue may resemble Kobe, it truly embodies excellence, discipline, and commitment.

It immortalizes a moment in time while recognizing that its subject transcends time itself. Today, we gather to pay tribute to a man who embodies not only remarkable athletic feats but also enduring values that motivate us to strive for our utmost best."

Source; Twitter/Lakers

When was the statue revealed?

The inaugural statue was revealed at a ceremony graced by numerous Lakers legends and hundreds of season ticket holders. Vanessa Bryant took the stage following speeches by team owner Jeanie Buss, former teammate Derek Fisher, Abdul-Jabbar, and the esteemed Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

Buss said:
“I think of Kobe constantly, and I miss him and Gigi more than words can say,”

“But today, I'm filled with joy because in the future, I know fans will gather here in the shade of this statue beside this building where Kobe gave us so many memories, and we will share what he meant to us. As we do so, we will motivate a new generation to emulate the Mamba Mentality.”

About Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant concluded his 20-year professional basketball career in 2016, all of which was dedicated to the Lakers. Ranking as the fourth-highest scorer in NBA history with 33,643 points, his achievements encompassed 18 NBA All-Star appearances and two NBA Finals MVP titles.

Despite his passing, Kobe Bryant's legacy continues to illuminate Los Angeles, where he is still revered as an adored symbol of the city he embraced. Throughout the Southland, vibrant public murals featuring Bryant and his daughter adorn hundreds of walls.

Even prior to Bryant's tragic passing, Lakers enthusiasts pondered over the pose or representation that would be immortalized in his statue. With the revelation of three statues, Vanessa Bryant stated that there should be no debate at all.

Kobe had already selected the pose for the first statue before his untimely demise.

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