Kyle Richards shares about how she managed to rescue her marriage with Mauricio Umansky.

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Reality TV personality Kyle Richards from "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" recently opened up about the difficulties in her marriage to husband Mauricio Umansky.

During a sincere chat with her friend Dorit Kemsley, Kyle disclosed the reasons behind their separation and her perspective on what it will take to reconcile their relationship.

Kyle’s Revelation: Getting to the Root of the Issue

In a February 7 episode of the Bravo series, Kyle Richards shed light on the inner workings of her relationship with Mauricio Umansky. Challenging common assumptions of fiery conflicts, Kyle revealed that their challenges predominantly revolve around a deficiency in communication.

"We don't engage in heated arguments," Kyle admitted. "If there is any disagreement, it's usually initiated by me. However, the downside is that it hinders effective communication. Frequently, one of us will be bothered by something, but we opt for tranquility rather than addressing the issue."

          Source: Youtube/Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen 

The Challenge of Prioritization

Kyle Richards further voiced her sense of being overlooked in Mauricio's life, especially amidst his expanding real estate endeavors that require frequent travel and dedication. She expressed her worry about being relegated to a secondary position in Mauricio's list of priorities.

"Factor in the constant travel and demanding work schedules," Kyle elaborated. "I sometimes get the impression that he assumes I'll eventually just move past my concerns and be okay. But I'm trying to convey to him that it's much more significant than that. We need assistance."

Mauricio’s Work-Life Balance

At the heart of Kyle's worries lies Mauricio's intense focus on his career.

She observed his unwavering dedication to his business, equating it to the level of commitment one might have as a parent. Kyle underscored her longing for Mauricio to channel a similar level of energy and focus into their relationship.

What led to Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky’s separation?

Kyle and Mauricio's decision to separate originated from fundamental issues surrounding communication and prioritization within their marriage.

How does Kyle describe the conflicts in their relationship?

Kyle Richards characterizes their conflicts as primarily arising from inadequate communication rather than eruptive confrontations.

What role does Mauricio’s work play in their marital problems?

Mauricio's frequent travel and a strong commitment to his real estate business have played a significant role in Kyle feeling neglected and undervalued in their relationship, often making her feel like an afterthought.

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