High Court Prosecutor Seeks Prison Term for Luis Rubiales Over Unwanted Kiss

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Spain’s High Court Prosecutor Seeks Prison Sentence for Luis Rubiales Over Unwanted Kiss

A High Court prosecutor in Spain is advocating for former soccer federation head, Luis Rubiales, to face a 2-and-a-half-year prison sentence after an uninvited kiss on player Jenni Hermoso, according to a court document reviewed by Reuters.

Source: Twitter/ESPN 

Allegations and Legal Proceedings

Rubiales, aged 46, reportedly embraced Hermoso and kissed her on the lips during an awards ceremony following Spain's victory in the women's World Cup in Sydney last year. The incident sparked a national discourse in Spain about sexism, with Hermoso and her teammates asserting that the kiss was unwanted. Rubiales, however, has maintained that it was consensual and denied any wrongdoing.

Prosecutor Marta Durantez has accused Rubiales of sexual assault and coercion related to his actions after the incident. Additionally, former coach Jorge Vilda, current sporting director Albert Luque, and marketing chief Ruben Rivera are implicated in coercing Hermoso into stating that the kiss was consensual. Each official could potentially face an 18-month prison sentence.

Denials and Proposed Penalties

During their court appearance, all three individuals denied any wrongdoing. Durantez proposed that Rubiales pay 100,000 euros ($108,160) in damages to Hermoso, with half of the amount to be shared by Rubiales, Vilda, Luque, and Rivera.

Furthermore, a restraining order has been requested to prevent Rubiales from coming within 200 meters of Hermoso and communicating with her for the next seven and a half years.

Potential Legal Outcomes and Implications

If convicted and given the sentences sought by the prosecutor, Rubiales may not necessarily serve time in prison. Under Spain's criminal code, judges have the discretion to suspend jail sentences if none of the individual sentences exceeds two years.

Rubiales is also implicated in a separate corruption investigation related to the relocation of the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia in collaboration with Gerard Pique's Kosmos firm. Despite his consistent denial of misconduct, Rubiales is subject to ongoing legal scrutiny.


The ongoing legal proceedings against Rubiales underscore the broader issues of sexism and improper conduct in sports leadership. As the case unfolds, it raises questions about accountability, transparency, and the protection of athletes' rights in the realm of professional sports.

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