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‘MaXXXine’ Trailer

Hollywood better watch out, because Maxine Minx is here to shine, and she's not letting anyone stand in her way—not even a mysterious murderer with plans for her.

A24 has just released the trailer for Maxxxine, wrapping up its popular and critically acclaimed X horror trilogy from director Ti West.

The first two movies, X and its prequel Pearl, dropped in 2022 and highlighted Mia Goth's incredible talent, putting Ti West back on the map as a standout horror director.

Source: Twitter/A24

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About Movie

Maxxxine, crafted by Ti West, picks up six years after the chilling events of X, centering on its sole survivor, the ambitious Maxine, portrayed by Mia Goth. Now entrenched in the gritty Hollywood scene of the mid-'80s, Maxine has transformed into Maxine Minx, a seasoned porn star eyeing a legitimate acting career, a journey teased in the gritty trailer.

The trailer reveals Minx navigating auditions amidst the backdrop of a serial killer, dubbed The Night Stalker, targeting Hollywood women. Minx confidently declares her ability to fend for herself against the looming threat, raising questions about her capability to face the dark shadows of her past.

Kevin Bacon adds intrigue as a private detective, ominously warning, “The past ain’t finished with you... It’s going to be knocking on your door.”

The film immerses viewers in the quintessential '80s vibe—wet streets steaming from vents and neon-lit nights, adorned with Hollywood glamor, including backlots and sound stages. It introduces Haley as Minx’s companion in the streets, with Michelle Monaghan and Bobby Cannavale as detectives, and possibly Elizabeth Debicki in a directorial or production role.

The trailer also teases contributions from Moses Sumney, Lily Collins, and Giancarlo Esposito, escalating with repeated mentions of “Maxine” amidst a flurry of violence.

Release Date

Scheduled for release by A24 on July 5, Maxxxine, with its R rating and 103-minute runtime, showcases the collaborative production efforts of West, Jacob Jaffke, Kevin Turen, Harrison Kreiss, and Goth herself.

Minx’s self-affirmation as a movie star in the trailer resonates with Goth’s established reputation, setting the stage for Maxine’s own test of stardom.

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