5 New Netflix movies and shows to watch this week (March 4-10)

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We've cruised right into March, and Netflix is heating up with a bunch of awesome new shows and movies dropping this week. One standout is "Damsel," featuring Millie Bobby Brown in a gritty role as Elodie, a princess who gets double-crossed and abandoned by Prime Charming. Left for dead, she learns she's got to save herself because no one else is coming to her rescue.

Also on the roster is "The Gentlemen," a fresh series spun off from Guy Ritchie's 2020 film, set right in the heart of London's East End. It follows the Duke of Halstead, Eddie Horniman, as he gets caught up in one of the city's major crime networks.

And there's a whole lot more where that came from. Now that we're knee-deep in March, there's a ton of content to dive into on the streaming platform. For the full scoop on what's hitting the service this week, make sure to check out our detailed day-by-day breakdown of new releases on Netflix below.

New on Netflix this week: Top picks

'The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping'

Source: Youtube/Netflix 

This intense documentary series explores the disturbing world of the troubled teen industry. At The Academy at Ivy Ridge, a woman with a haunting past there is determined to reveal the widespread abuse and exploitation hidden beneath the guise of rehabilitation.

Through firsthand stories and insights from experts, the series exposes the traumatic experiences of former attendees and the alarming network of similar programs across the country that still endanger America's youth.

Catch it on Netflix starting March 6th.


Source: Youtube/Netflix 

This series delves into the journey of Italian porn star Rocco Siffredi, tracing his career from the outset, exploring his family life, and chronicling his evolution from an average guy to a legend of the industry.

It spans from his humble beginnings to his rise as one of the adult film world's biggest names, portraying Rocco as a larger-than-life figure with relatable vulnerabilities, making him feel almost like a familiar face, albeit one known for his on-screen exploits.

Catch it on Netflix starting March 6th.

'The Signal'

Source: Youtube/Netflix 

When astronaut Paula (played by Peri Baumeister) goes missing on her way back from the ISS to reunite with her family, her disappearance rocks the lives of her husband Sven (Florian David Fitz) and daughter Charlie (Yuna Bennett).

As they grapple with Paula's absence, they find themselves entangled in a web of perilous secrets. Every piece of information they uncover about Paula's final moments in space brings them nearer to a discovery that could change the fate of humanity.

Catch it on Netflix starting March 7th.

'The Gentlemen'

Source: Youtube/Netflix 

This fresh TV adaptation of Guy Ritchie's 2020 film introduces a completely new narrative centered around Eddie Horniman (played by Theo James), who holds the title of the Duke of Halstead. Having distanced himself from his aristocratic background, Eddie finds an unlikely home within the gritty criminal realm of Bobby Glass (portrayed by Ray Winstone) in London's East End.

Leading alongside him is Susie Glass (played by Kaya Scodelario), the stylish mastermind behind the family's illicit operations. Initially appearing as a seamless team tackling the city's underground crime scene, cracks begin to surface, leading to their downfall.

Tune in to Netflix starting March 7th to catch the action.


Source: Youtube/Netflix 

Millie Bobby Brown stars as Elodie, a fairytale princess who takes control of her own destiny rather than relying on a man to save her. When her Prince Charming turns traitor, offering her as bait to a terrifying dragon, Elodie learns she must rescue herself to survive.

This isn't your typical fairy tale; it showcases the "Stranger Things" actress in scenarios that highlight the strength of women who can fend for themselves.

Catch it on Netflix starting March 8th.

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