Pat Colbert Dies at 77: ‘Dallas’ Actress Who played Dora Mae

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Pat Colbert Dies at 77: Remembering the Beloved 'Dallas' Star

Pat Colbert Dies at 77 the Compton-born actor known for her role as Dora Mae, the hostess of the Oil Baron's Club in the popular TV series "Dallas."

Pat Colbert died peacefully on June 23 at her Compton residence, as confirmed by her younger sister Tami Colbert to The Times.

Over the past decade, she had endured three strokes. While the exact cause of death was not disclosed, Tami mentioned, "We just know it had to be a result of the different strokes."

Pat Colbert Dies: A Career Spanning Decades

"She was just good. She excelled at everything she set out to do," Tami said. "She made it a point to get there and succeed."

Colbert had a career spanning several decades from the late '70s to 2015, but she was best known for her 67-episode run on the popular CBS drama "Dallas."

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Colbert was the show's only recurring Black character, transforming a small role into a memorable one.

As the graceful hostess of the Oil Baron's Club, Colbert's character Dora Mae shared the screen with main Ewing family members played by Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray, among others.

Remembering Pat Colbert’s Legacy in Film and TV

Pat Colbert appeared on "Dallas" from 1983 to 1991, according to IMDB. Prior to her role on the Emmy-winning series, she had minor parts in "Flamingo Road," "Capitol," "The Fall Guy," and "Knots Landing." After her stint as Dora Mae, Colbert appeared in "Sisters" and "True Colors."

Colbert also appeared in several films, including "Leonard Part 6," where she played Bill Cosby's on-screen wife. Her film credits, according to IMDB, include "S.O.B.," "Hysterical," "Thom & Dusty Go to Mexico: The Lost Treasure," and "If Not for His Grace."

The Early Life of Pat Colbert

Sandra Patricia Colbert was born on January 16, 1947, in Los Angeles but spent most of her life in Compton.

Her father, LeRoy, worked in construction, and her mother, Eula, was involved in foster care. As a child, Colbert had a keen interest in high fashion and modeling.

Pat Colbert’s Contributions to the Foster Community

Inspired by their mother, Colbert collaborated with her sister and used her Hollywood connections to organize movie screenings for their foster community, including some at Westwood theaters, Tami said.

"We'd gather a bunch of the kids and some of their foster parents and hold screenings for movies that hadn't been released yet," Tami said. "It was exciting."

Tami mentioned that the actor also collaborated with "stars and friends she knew" to enable foster children to attend a golf tournament.

Pat Colbert’s Legacy Lives On

To Tami, Pat Colbert should be remembered as "a go-getter."

"An achiever, a very kind, and interesting person," she added. "If she didn't know something, she would make an effort to find out for you."

In addition to Tami, Colbert is survived by her older sister Johnetta Driscoll, brother Aaron Colbert, son Michael, and several nieces and nephews. The family has arranged a viewing and funeral service for next week.

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