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  • PlayStation recently aired its State of Play broadcast this week, unveiling a lineup of upcoming game releases for the PlayStation 5. The 42-minute livestream premiered on January 31, showcasing 13 titles in development by the gaming giant.
  • Among the exciting announcements were upcoming releases like Sonic X Shadow Generations, Death Stranding 2, and Silent Hill 2. Fans can anticipate these games to bring new and thrilling experiences to the PlayStation 5.
  • PlayStation's State of Play on Feb 6 will give a close look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, set to launch on Feb 29. Fans can anticipate purchasing the highly awaited game after the in-depth preview. Save the date for insights into what Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has to offer!

PlayStation Sonic X Shadow Generations

Sonic the Hedgehog is making a comeback in Sonic X Shadow Generations. The last Sonic Generations installment was launched over a decade ago in 2011 to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary, according to GameInformer.

PlayStation reveals that the game serves as a "greatest hits playlist" featuring iconic 2D and 3D Sonic levels from Sonic Generations. Sega, the developer, has "remastered and expanded" these levels specifically for PlayStation 4 and 5.

Additionally, a new standalone campaign for Shadow the Hedgehog, recognized as one of Sonic's "greatest rivals," is set to be introduced in the game, as per SegaWiki.

While the release date is yet to be disclosed by Sega and PlayStation, the game is not currently available for preorder. However, interested gamers can add it to their wishlist on the PlayStation Store. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting return of Sonic and Shadow!

          Source: Play station

Silent Hill Message

PlayStation has revealed that Silent Hill: The Short Message is now accessible for free on the PlayStation Store.

The game revolves around Anita as she navigates a dilapidated apartment known for suicides, confronting the menacing monster that lurks in the area.

Konami, the game's publisher, notes that this release is the initial batch of games announced in 2022.

Silent Hill: The Short Message release date: The game is available for download.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

  • In addition to the latest game, PlayStation has unveiled a trailer for the remake of Silent Hill 2.
  • As per IGN, the horror game was originally launched on September 24, 2001. Konami revealed in 2022 that a remake is scheduled for release in 2024.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach

In December 2022, Kojima first revealed the development of Death Stranding 2. The action-adventure game serves as a follow-up to the original, launched in 2019 for the PS4.

                   Source: Play Station

According to Kojima, the game will see the return of actors Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, and Troy Baker to the game's universe. Additionally, Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna, and George Miller will join the cast.

While a specific release date hasn't been disclosed, Death Stranding 2 is expected to hit the shelves sometime in 2025.

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