Pokemon Day: Goodbye, Pokemon Let’s Go Johto

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Written By Vikas Jangid

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I'm calling it quits on hoping for a new Pokemon Let's Go game. It's been pretty clear for a while now that it wasn't happening. Our last shot was today's Pokemon Presents, but no luck.

Let's Go Johto would've been awesome, but it looks like it's not happening. Pokemon has tons of spin-offs, but it seems like Let's Go won't be getting any more love.

The Challenge of Let’s Go’s Association with Pokémon Go

The main issue with a potential future Let's Go game is its title. While I view it as a charming throwback to Gen 1 with a cozy vibe and exciting twists on familiar characters and obstacles, it was originally created to complement Pokemon Go.

Once a global phenomenon, Pokemon Go has now become just another mobile game depending on big spenders to stay afloat.

While the Pokemon brand still carries weight, it's not any more worthy of a Nintendo Switch game than someone trying to extract gold from a castle by removing bars that unleash lava.

Reconsidering Let’s Go: Breaking Free from Pokemon Go Dependency

But it doesn't have to rely so heavily on Pokémon Go. This connection was inconsistent at best - while some players started with Pokémon Go and then moved on to Let's Go, eventually Pokémon needs to recognize its status as the most popular media franchise on the planet.

Let's Go 2 doesn't have to sync up with our Pokémon Go catches or require a compatible accessory to sell; it can simply be a remake of Johto with the throwing mechanics to catch, the vibrant aesthetic, and the emphasis on catching and candy.

There are plenty of Pokémon spin-offs, and Nintendo can't make them all in-house; often, they outsource them anyway. I'm still waiting for a new Conquest, disappointed by the lack of DLC for New Snap, and was expecting a new Mystery Dungeon today.

Let's Go doesn't offer much new as many view it as a watered-down version of the Pokémon experience, especially since Gold & Silver were already remade as HeartGold & SoulSilver.

But it deserves another chance after how beloved the Kanto versions were, right? At least I'm not putting all my hopes in the PokePark series.

Why Let’s Go Is One Of The Best Pokemon Games

I still believe that Let's Go is the ideal game for any Pokémon player to start with - it's incredibly accessible, filled with familiar characters and locations, and in my opinion, underrated as Poké mon's best-looking game. I'll always consider it a crucial part of Pokémon's legacy. However, it's become evident to me that Nintendo doesn't share the same sentiment.

But! I do have one condition: I reserve the right to come out of retirement when the Switch 2 finally arrives. It would be the perfect opportunity to showcase how the motion controls of this new console function.

We can assume it will feature motion control and gyro, given insider reports describing it as an upgraded version of the Switch rather than an entirely new concept. And historically, consoles with motion capabilities tend to heavily promote them at launch before gradually toning it down as they realize the limited interest from players.

The fact that we only got a vague 2025 release date for Legends suggests it could potentially be the launch title for Poké mon on the Switch 2, rather than Let's Go 2. Even if the Switch 2 doesn't come until later in 2025 and Legends ends up being a send-off for the original Switch, there's little reason for Poké mon to hold back from revealing a Switch 2 launch title when everyone will assume Legends is it anyway.

Poké mon has a tendency to come up with new ideas and then move on from them, like Megas, Z-Moves, Gigantamax, and many others. However, Legends Z-A is hinting at the return of Megas, so maybe it's a case of "never say never"? I've talked myself back around to being excited.

let's get ready for Summer Game Fest and the inevitable Let's Go 2 reveal! Now, the only question is whether I'll play as Marill or Togepi...

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