Is #RIPCartoonNetwork Real? Animators Speak Out

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#RIPCartoonNetwork Trends: Animation Workers Raise Concerns, Not Announcing Closure

#RIPCartoonNetwork has been trending on X (formerly Twitter), causing a stir among fans. However, worry not, Cartoon Network isn't actually shutting down.

The hashtag originated from a movement by the animation industry to bring light to the challenges faced by animators.

Raising Awareness, Not Announcing Closure

The trend began with an animation posted by the "Animation Workers Ignited" account, believed to be linked to the animators' union. The video depicted Cartoon Network as nearing its end, sparking concerns about the wider animation industry.

It highlighted the issue of layoffs within the industry, especially troubling considering many animators remained employed and produced content throughout the pandemic, when remote work wasn't an option for most entertainment sectors.

Source: Twitter/SaffronSunanda

#RIPCartoonNetwork: A Cry for Help, Not a Death Knell

The video pointed the finger at corporate greed, suggesting that animation studios prioritized profit by cutting costs and reducing staff, including animators, while executives continued to see high profits.

The video urged viewers to share their favorite Cartoon Network shows using the #RIPCartoonNetwork hashtag and to follow the "Animation Workers Ignited" account for further ways to support the cause.

The impactful video garnered significant attention, exceeding three million views within a short timeframe. Initially, many users responded by sharing their cherished Cartoon Network shows with the hashtag. Some expressed their love for specific shows and lamented the potential mistreatment of animators, hoping for a swift employment turnaround.

A Misunderstood Message, But a Valid Concern

While the hashtag gained momentum, some misinterpreted it as a confirmation of Cartoon Network's closure. Thankfully, that's not the case.

The "Animation Workers Ignited" account cleverly utilized #RIPCartoonNetwork to raise awareness about the significant challenges faced by animators across the industry, not to announce the channel's demise.

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