End of an Era: Rooster Teeth is Shhutting Down Amid Industry Challenges and Controversies

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Why Rooster Teeth is Shutting Down

Rooster Teeth, a pioneering force in online entertainment for over two decades, is facing closure. The decision to shutter the beloved company comes from its parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, citing the challenges of digital media in the face of evolving consumer behavior and monetization strategies.

Jordan Levin, Rooster Teeth's general manager, broke the news to staff during an emotional all-hands meeting and conveyed the somber message through a memo.

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Impact on Employees and Creators

The closure of Rooster Teeth will have significant ramifications, with approximately 150 full-time employees facing layoffs, along with numerous contractors and content creators associated with the company. This move signals the end of an era for those who have dedicated their careers to the brand and its innovative projects.

Selling Rights and Intellectual Property

Warner Bros. Discovery is currently in discussions to sell the rights to specific Rooster Teeth catalog content and intellectual property, including iconic series like "RWBY," "Red vs. Blue," and "Gen:Lock." Additionally, the fate of the Roost podcast network hangs in the balance, as negotiations continue for its sale. Despite the impending closure, the podcast network is expected to continue operating.

Acknowledgment of Contributions

In a statement, Warner Bros. Discovery expressed gratitude to Rooster Teeth's creators, partners, and management team for their years of dedication and success. The company recognized the passionate fanbase that contributed to Rooster Teeth's achievements, underscoring the impact the brand has had on screens, memories, and hearts.

Legacy and Milestones

Rooster Teeth's legacy is marked by milestones, including its 20th anniversary celebrated last year with new logos and the tagline "Just Playing." The company's journey began in 2003 with the launch of "Red vs. Blue," a groundbreaking animated comedy series that popularized machinima. Despite ownership changes and industry shifts, Rooster remained a trailblazer in online entertainment.

Controversies and Challenges

Despite its successes, Rooster faced controversies and challenges over the years. In 2022, the company issued a public apology for its treatment of employees, acknowledging instances of harassment, underpayment, and marginalization. This apology followed revelations from a former staff member, shedding light on the internal struggles within the company.


As Rooster Teeth prepares to bid farewell, its impact on the digital media landscape remains undeniable. From pioneering content to dedicated fan engagement, the company leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered fondly by many.

While the closure marks the end of an era, the spirit of creativity and innovation fostered by Rooster Teeth will continue to inspire future generations in the ever-evolving world of online entertainment.

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