Utah Vlogger Ruby Franke Sentenced to Prison for Child Abuse, Partner Receives Same

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  • Utah vlogger Ruby Franke was sentenced to prison for aggravated child abuse of two of her children.
  • Alongside her former business partner Jodi Hildebrandt, Franke pleaded guilty to four counts of child abuse in Washington County 5th District Court in Utah.

“Ruby Franke” Emotional Address to Court

In an emotional address to the court, Ruby Franke expressed remorse for her actions, acknowledging that she had followed misguided guidance for the past four years.

She detailed a distorted perception of reality, distancing herself from anyone who questioned her beliefs.

Ruby Franke admitted to accepting harmful ideologies, believing in a malevolent world filled with authorities who control, medical facilities that harm, and religious leaders who deceive.

Source: Twitter/SkyNews

Role Clarification

Franke clarified that Hildebrandt was never her business partner and she was not employed by her.

Instead, Hildebrandt worked as a counselor for Franke's son, for which Franke compensated her for mentorship.

Franke emphasized her acceptance of responsibility and expressed remorse without assigning blame.

Abuse Details

The abuse came to light after Franke's 12-year-old son escaped from Hildebrandt's residence and disclosed the abuse to a neighbor.

The plea agreement revealed instances of physical torture, with the child forced to work outside without shoes in the summer heat, resulting in severe sunburns.

The child was also deprived of water and food, faced restraints causing injuries, and endured psychological manipulation.

Source: Youtube/Law&Crime

Legal Proceedings

Franke agreed to serve consecutive sentences as part of her plea deal, with two additional charges dropped.

Franke's attorneys stated her desire to take responsibility for her actions and acknowledged the sentence as a step towards being accountable.

Prosecutor’s Concerns

Prosecutor Eric Clarke expressed hope for Hildebrandt to receive a longer sentence due to concerns about her lack of remorse and potential to gather followers.

Clarke characterized the case as involving religious extremism, with Franke following Hildebrandt's guidance.

He highlighted the seriousness of the abuse and the risk posed by Hildebrandt's influence.

Defense Statements

Hildebrandt's attorney affirmed her sincere remorse and commitment to taking responsibility. Franke's attorney accepted the judge's sentence, stating that justice was served.

Franke expressed a commitment to change during her time in prison.

In conclusion, the sentencing of Ruby Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt sheds light on the devastating effects of child abuse and the importance of accountability in such cases.

It underscores the need for awareness and intervention to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

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