Arrest Made in Salman Khan Shooting Incident: Suspects Confess to Gang Affiliation

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Salman Khan: Two people arrested for firing at Bollywood star

Arrest of Suspects in Shooting Incident
Two individuals linked to a criminal gang have been apprehended by authorities in India following a shooting incident targeting the residence of Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

The attack, which occurred early Sunday morning, saw five shots fired at Salman Khan's apartment in Mumbai's Bandra area by assailants on a motorcycle. Fortunately, Salman Khan and his family members present at the scene were unharmed.

Identification and Confession of Suspects
The arrested suspects, identified as Vicky Gupta and Sagar Kumar Palak, were taken into custody near a temple in Gujarat's Kutch district on Monday night.

They reportedly confessed to their involvement in the shooting, which is believed to be motivated by Salman Khan's past encounter with the Bishnoi gang.

Motive Behind the Attack
This criminal organization, led by incarcerated gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, allegedly harbors resentment towards Salman Khan for his past hunting of blackbuck antelopes, considered sacred by the Bishnoi religious sect.

Khan's legal troubles stemming from the 1998 incident, where he was convicted of poaching protected animals during a film shoot in Rajasthan, have previously drawn ire from the Bishnoi gang.

Background of Lawrence Bishnoi
Despite initially receiving a five-year jail sentence, Khan's conviction was later suspended on appeal.

Lawrence Bishnoi, the mastermind behind the recent attack on Khan, is currently serving time for his involvement in various high-profile crimes, including the murder of Indian rapper Sidhu Moose Wala.

Orchestrating the Attack
The plot to target Khan was reportedly orchestrated by Lawrence Bishnoi's younger brother, Anmol, via a Facebook post traced to Canada.

The assailants allegedly surveilled Khan's movements for days and rented a nearby room to execute their plan.

Collaboration of Law Enforcement Agencies
Law enforcement agencies from multiple states collaborated to apprehend the suspects, who appeared before a Mumbai court on Tuesday.

The city's crime branch sought additional time to gather evidence for prosecution against the accused perpetrators.

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