MLB Sensation Shohei Ohtani Reveals Marriage, Requests Privacy

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Shohei Ohtani, the MLB superstar set to join the Los Angeles Dodgers, dropped a bombshell on Thursday via Instagram: he's tied the knot. Known for keeping his personal life under wraps, Ohtani didn't spill much tea about his wedding or his new spouse, except that she's Japanese.

The announcement, featuring only a snap of his dog Dekopin/Decoy, hit the U.S. late at night and Japan in the late afternoon.

Source: Instagram/shoheiohtani

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To all my friends and fans throughout , I have an announcement to make :

Not only have I began a new chapter in my career with the Dodgers but I also have began a new life with someone from my Native country of Japan who is very special to me and I wanted everyone to know I am now married .

I am excited for what is to come and thank you for your support .

Shohei Ohtani seems to have a knack for dropping major bombshells via sudden Instagram posts. Earlier this offseason, he shocked everyone by announcing his signing with the Dodgers through his account. Reports later revealed that his deal was worth a staggering $700 million, with $680 million deferred.

Interestingly, even the Dodgers seemed caught off guard by Shohei Ohtani's marriage announcement. According to The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya, manager Dave Roberts didn't find out until Thursday morning when his wife informed him.

Shohei Ohtani: Wife is 'a normal Japanese woman'

Speaking with reporters in Arizona on Thursday, Shohei Ohtani offered a bit more insight into his wife. According to Jack Harris of the Los Angeles Times, Ohtani described her as "just a regular Japanese woman" – meaning she's not a celebrity – and mentioned they've known each other for about three or four years.

Although he didn't reveal when they tied the knot, Ohtani made it clear that his relationship status had no impact on his decision to sign with the Dodgers, which his wife fully supported. He also shared with Japanese media that he got engaged last year and confirmed that his wife is accompanying him during spring training.

Two days following his successful spring training debut with the Dodgers, the 29-year-old dropped the marriage bombshell. During the game, Ohtani delivered a stunning opposite-field, two-run home run against the Chicago White Sox, showcasing the formidable power that cements his status as one of baseball's most intimidating hitters.

The Dodgers are set to kick off their season on March 20 against the San Diego Padres in South Korea. It's possible Ohtani's wife might join the crowd for the occasion.

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