Shooting in Savannah: Weekend Gun Violence Injures 11

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Shooting in Savannah 11 Injures

A weekend marred by gun violence in Savannah, Georgia, culminated in a mass shooting near Ellis Square late Saturday night, injuring 11 people.

This incident marked one of five shootings across the city over the weekend, resulting in two fatalities.

Source: Twitter/News 4 Buffalo

Weekend of Gun Violence in Savannah

The troubling surge in gun violence began on Friday with two separate shootings, each injuring one person and leading to arrests. However, Saturday saw a drastic escalation.

Mass Shooting Erupts in Tourist Area

The most concerning incident occurred near Savannah's Ellis Square, a popular tourist destination, just before midnight on Saturday. An argument between two women inside a local business escalated into gunfire, according to Police Chief Lenny Gunther.

"One shot was fired, which prompted others to start shooting," Gunther explained. "Several individuals discharged their weapons, resulting in multiple people being shot."

The shooting spree resulted in 11 injuries, with 10 victims suffering gunshot wounds. Thankfully, none of the injuries were reported as life-threatening.

Mayor Calls for Gun Control Measures

In the wake of this weekend's violence, Mayor Van Johnson emphasized the need for stricter gun control measures. "We must demand smart gun laws," Johnson stated at a Sunday news conference.

He further stressed the importance of responsible gun ownership, urging gun owners to prevent theft and ensure proper use of their firearms.

Savannah Police Assure Public Safety

With the busy Memorial Day weekend approaching, Police Chief Gunther reassured the public that adequate police staffing would be in place to ensure safety across the city.

This mass shooting serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence. As authorities investigate the weekend's events, a critical conversation surrounding gun control and responsible gun ownership is sure to continue in Savannah.

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