Shootout at New Jersey Hotel Leaves Murder Suspect Dead, Two Police Officers Injured

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Shootout at New Jersey Hotel Two Police Officers Injured

A violent encounter at a New Jersey hotel late Wednesday night resulted in the death of a murder suspect and injuries to two police officers, according to state Attorney General Matthew Platkin.

Shootout Erupts at New Jersey Hotel

The incident occurred at a complex in Woodbridge Township housing the Raritan Hotel and the Royal Albert’s Palace Banquet Hall. Details regarding the exact sequence of events are limited, but authorities have confirmed the following:

  • The deceased suspect was a guest at the Raritan Hotel and was wanted by New York City police for a recent homicide.
  • Law enforcement identified the suspect's location through an automatic license plate reader.
  • A confrontation ensued after officers from Woodbridge and New York City converged on the scene.

Source: Twitter/CBSNewYork

Murder Suspect Killed, Two Officers Wounded in Hotel Shootout

During the confrontation, the suspect was shot multiple times and died at the scene. A Woodbridge police officer and a New York City officer also sustained injuries but are expected to make a full recovery.

The Woodbridge officer was struck in the back, protected by a bulletproof vest. The New York City officer was shot in the foot. In accordance with standard protocol, the Attorney General's Office is leading the investigation into the shooting. This includes withholding the identities of the officers involved at this time.

This is a developing story, and further details may be released as the investigation progresses.

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