Tim Cook in Shanghai: New Retail Store Opening Amid Declining iPhone Sales

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Apple to Open New Retail Store in Shanghai

  • Apple's latest retail store in Shanghai is poised to open its doors on Thursday, marking another milestone for the tech giant.
  • This announcement comes amidst a backdrop of declining iPhone sales in China, attributed to intensified competition from local brands like Huawei.

Source: Twitter/Bloomberg 

Tim Cook’s Visit to Shanghai

Apple CEO Tim Cook's presence in Shanghai was confirmed via a post on his official Weibo account, signaling his engagement with the company's operations in the region. His visit coincides with the upcoming inauguration of the new retail store and occurs amid the challenging sales environment in China.

A video shared on Cook's Weibo account showcases him exploring popular tourist spots in Shanghai and enjoying breakfast with Chinese actor Zheng Kai, highlighting his interactions with the local community.

Upcoming Store Opening in Jing'an District
According to a press release issued on Monday, Apple's forthcoming retail store in Shanghai's Jing'an district is scheduled to commence operations on Thursday, adding to the company's presence in the bustling city.

Tim Cook's Engagement in China

  • Cook's frequent trips to China underscore the country's significance as a vital market and manufacturing hub for Apple.
  • These visits often involve the introduction of new products, facility inaugurations, and discussions with local authorities.

Challenges Amid Declining iPhone Sales

Recent reports indicate a substantial decline of 24% in iPhone sales in China during the initial six weeks of 2024 compared to the same period last year. Analysts attribute this downturn to Apple's surplus shipments in early 2023 and intensified competition from domestic competitors.

In response to reports of weaker iPhone 15 sales in China last year, Cook visited the country to address concerns and strategize ways to bolster Apple's performance in the region.

Following reports of employees at Chinese government agencies being barred from using iPhones for work, Cook's subsequent visit was notable.

Additionally, Apple recently reached a preliminary settlement in a class-action lawsuit, agreeing to pay $490 million to resolve claims of misleading investors about declining iPhone sales in China in 2018.


1. What does Tim Cook do day to day?
Apple CEO Tim Cook starts his day before sunrise by reading numerous customer feedback emails before hitting the gym. Upon arriving at the office, he works extended hours and oversees meetings known for their considerable duration.

2. What is the Apple CEO's salary?
Hence, the Apple CEO's total salary in 2023 stood at $63,209,845 ( ₹523.83 crore). It was less than his 2022 salary of $99,420,097 ( ₹823.91 crore).

3. How do I contact a CEO via email?

  1. Know Your CEO. This step is about understanding who you're emailing.
  2. Compelling Subject Line. The subject line is crucial in ensuring your email gets noticed.
  3. Right Salutation.
  4. Conciseness is Key.
  5. State Your Purpose Upfront.
  6. Add Personal Touch.
  7. Clear Call to Action.
  8. Meeting Request Emails.

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