55,000 Vehicles Toyota Recalls Over Rear Door Issue

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Toyota Recalls 55,000 Vehicles Over Rear Door Issue

Toyota recalls approximately 55,000 vehicles in the United States due to a potential problem that could lead to rear doors opening unexpectedly.

Toyota recalls, announced on Wednesday, target around 55,000 Prius and Prius HEV hybrid electric vehicles from model years 2023-2024 in the U.S., along with an additional 156,000 units in Japan, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The issue stems from the possibility of water entering the rear door latches, potentially causing a short circuit and resulting in doors opening while the vehicle is in motion or during a collision.

Source: Twitter/Courier Journal

Warning of Potential Risks

Toyota has issued a warning emphasizing the heightened risk of injury to occupants if the rear doors of the compact car are not properly locked.

This risk is particularly significant if the vehicle is in motion or involved in a collision, as stated in the recall notice.

Notification Process and Remediation

Affected customers are set to receive notification of the issue via mail by early June 2024. To determine if their vehicle is included in the recall, individuals are advised to visit the Toyota recall website.

Toyota has assured that its dealers will replace the right and left rear door opener switches with upgraded versions at no cost to the owners.

Interim Measures for Safety

In the interim, until the remedy becomes available, Toyota urges vehicle owners in the United States and Canada to ensure they activate the feature that automatically locks the doors when shifting from "park." This measure aims to mitigate the risk of doors opening in the event of a short circuit.

Previous Recalls

Earlier this year, Toyota issued recalls for over 381,000 of its 2022-2023 Tacoma trucks due to an axle problem that could impact vehicle stability and brake performance, potentially raising the risk of a crash.

Additionally, the automaker recalled more than 280,600 vehicles from model years 2022-2024, including Tundra, Tundra Hybrid, Lexus LX600, and 2023-2024 Sequoia Hybrid models.

This recall was prompted by a brake issue that might result in the vehicles moving when in neutral and the brakes are not engaged.

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