Truth Social, Donald Trump’s Venture, Set to Make Stock Market Debut

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Key Points:

  • According to a recent regulatory filing, the new social media company formed by merging former President Donald Trump's business with another company will start trading on the stock market under the ticker symbol DJT this Tuesday.
  • Named Trump Media & Technology Group Corp., the company, which operates the Truth Social app, will be listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. This move follows the merger of Trump's venture with the special purpose acquisition company, Digital World Acquisition Corp.

Trump’s Truth Social Set to Make Stock Market Debut

Truth Social Gears Up for Nasdaq Debut: The much-anticipated entry of Donald Trump's social media venture, Truth Social, onto the stock market is imminent. Scheduled to begin trading on the Nasdaq exchange this Tuesday, the platform will be symbolized by "DJT," reflecting Trump's initials.

Merger with Digital World Fuels Anticipation: Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company of Truth Social, steps in for Digital World Acquisition following their merger. The excitement surrounding this move is evident as shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. surged 35% ahead of the debut, reaching $49.95 by Monday's close.

Valuation and Financial Performance: The parent company of Truth Social is poised to enter the market with an estimated market valuation of $5.5 billion, with Trump's stake alone worth approximately $3 billion. However, despite its high valuation, Truth Social has faced significant losses since its inception in 2021, reporting a mere $3.3 million in revenue during the first nine months of 2023.

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Expert Insights on Market Dynamics: University of Florida professor Jay Ritter cautioned that the market price of Truth Social stock may not accurately reflect its fundamental value, drawing parallels to the volatility seen with companies like AMC and GameStop. Ritter estimated the stock's value to be around $2 per share, anticipating continued volatility driven by activity from Trump supporters.

User Base and Platform Challenges: Despite its ambitious goals, Truth Social remains a minor player in the social media landscape, facing a decline in both mobile app users and web visitors compared to the previous year. With approximately 494,000 mobile app users and 648,000 website visitors in the U.S., the platform faces challenges in expanding its reach.

Risk Factors and Legal Challenges

A regulatory filing underscores the importance of Truth Social's growth for its success, while highlighting potential risks associated with Trump's personal and business history. The recent surge in Digital World shares has boosted Trump's stake in Trump Media, providing crucial support as he navigates legal challenges, including a civil fraud judgment and defamation trial loss.

Uncertain Path Forward: While Trump's gains appear promising, they are contingent on the lifting of restrictions preventing him from selling shares, a decision ultimately controlled by the board of Trump Media. Despite his prior role as chairman, Trump is notably absent from the company's new board lineup, which includes his son Donald Trump Jr. and former administration officials.

Merger Details and Market Strategy: The merger with Digital World provides Trump Media access to over $300 million raised from investors, positioning it for growth in the competitive social media landscape. Digital World's status as a special purpose acquisition company offers an alternative route to traditional IPOs, signaling an unconventional approach to market entry for Truth Social.

As Truth Social prepares for its stock market debut, all eyes are on its performance and the impact it may have on the broader social media industry.

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