Jon Stewart Makes a Successful Comeback to ‘The Daily Show’

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Jon Stewart's Weekly Takeover on 'The Daily Show’

After over a year of extensive searching for a new host, The Daily Show has selected the individual who originally shaped it into a prominent figure in media and show business to guide its future.

Jon Stewart may not have been the creator of The Daily Show, but he undeniably transformed it into a cultural sensation. Before his tenure began in 1999, Comedy Central's venture into late-night TV was a straightforward parody of network news, featuring Craig Kilborn as the smooth-talking anchor.

Stewart brought a drier, more candid, and politically charged (not to mention, angrier) approach, mercilessly satirizing hypocritical politicians and passionately criticizing the absurdity of cable news. Now, after Trevor Noah's seven-year stint and a series of guest hosts in 2023, Stewart is making a return to the show that catapulted him to household fame.

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Jon Stewart hosting

Jon Stewart, who served as the show's host for 16 years before departing in 2015, is set to make a comeback to The Daily Show as a part-time host and executive producer throughout the 2024 presidential election cycle. Starting February 12, he will take the lead on Monday nights, while the show's correspondents will handle hosting duties from Tuesday to Thursday.

But, Jon Stewart and his manager, James Dixon, will take on the role of executive producers for every episode until 2025. The announcement suggests that Stewart will play a pivotal role in "shaping the next chapter of the franchise," leaving the interpretation of that statement open-ended.

This move effectively postpones the inquiry into who might become the permanent host of the show, pushing it beyond the timeframe when Americans will be selecting our next president.

This arrangement is a logical one. The announcement promptly breathes new life into the show and provides Jon Stewart with the opportunity to contribute to shaping a fresh identity for the program, reminiscent of how he handpicked Trevor Noah as his successor in 2015.

Why Did Jon Stewart leave the show?

The show faced cancellation in 2023 after completing two seasons. The New York Times revealed that the comedian, the host of the show, had conflicts with Apple executives concerning potential topics, including discussions on China and artificial intelligence.

About Daily Show

In 2023, The Daily Show was hosted by various guests, with notable figures such as Leslie Jones, Sarah Silverman, and Chelsea Handler taking the helm. It's worth noting that Comedy Central, the network airing The Daily Show, is under the ownership of Paramount Global.

The Daily Show is broadcast on Comedy Central every weeknight at 11:00 pm. The tapings occur from Monday to Thursday at 4:00 pm. The entire experience, from getting seated to the conclusion of the taping, takes approximately 90 minutes.

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