15 Cheat Codes for Life: Jump 7 Years Ahead of People

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Written By Nipun Singh

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As a child, video games were a way for you to gain an advantage. If you are stuck, you can use specific cheat codes to help you reach the next level.
This cheat code could unlock a new achievement, and save you a lot of time. Many cheat codes can help you get ahead of the rest.
We will be looking at 15 cheat codes which will make you years ahead of 95% of other people.

1. Accept Rejection. Stop Worrying About Rejection and Start to be Unstoppable

Each successful entrepreneur has had to go through many failures. We can't deny the many failures made on the path to success by risk-takers as much as we want to celebrate them. You could argue that success is not paved with failures or crushed dreams.

Every rejection or failure is a step closer to a yes, which could make a huge difference in your life. It is said that when one door closes another one opens. Although it may not seem so at the moment, these rejections will teach you to be more persistent and ready for anything life throws your way.

2. Identify the True Colors of People

Character is reflected in how someone treats people who are unable to do it for them. This is the best quote we have ever heard, and it's hard to argue with:

"I don’t trust anyone kind to me, but rude to the waiter." They would treat me the same way if they were in my position." -- Muhammad Ali

3. Accept Adversity, it Will Help to Grow More Than Staying in Your Comfort Zone.

If you want to grow in your life, the most dangerous place you can be is your comfort zone. Because nothing extraordinary has ever come from playing safe, the comfort zone is where dreams die.

How do you embrace adversity?

  • Never afraid to try something new.
  • Always challenge yourself.
  • Always try to learn a new sport regardless your age.
  • Ask for feedback from people who won't be afraid to hurt you.
  • It doesn't matter if it scares or frustrates you.
  • Your goals should not be intimidating if they aren't bold enough.

4. Start by Taking Action and Then You can Figure it Out Later.

Many of us want to know all the details before we take action. It's a superpower to take action even if you don’t have all the answers. You will not find the perfect circumstances to start. The stars won't align and the universe won’t conspire for you. First, you must take action and then wait to see how the universe conspires to your advantage once you have started to build momentum.

This Ryan Holiday quote, "The Obstacle Is The Way", sums up this idea best:

"We assume the world moves at our pace. We put off when we should start. When we should be running, or even sprinting, we jog instead. Then we are shocked, shocked! -shocked when nothing big happens, when opportunities don't appear, when new obstacles start to pile up, and when the enemies finally get their act together.

Don't wait for perfect conditions to begin. Instead, be focused on progress and not perfection. You will be rewarded for taking risks today, even if you aren't fully prepared.

5. You Must Know What You Want From Life or You Will Never Achieve it.

It is said that no road will lead you to your destination if you don't know what you want.
The ultimate cheat code is to know what you want from life. Knowing what you want is the key to creating a plan for achieving it. It doesn't matter what you are trying to achieve, there is a chance that someone has done it before you. You can get advice from them, take a course or pay for coaching.

6. Investing in Yourself is The Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself and Others

It's not selfish to make yourself a priority. The dividends of investing in yourself now will last for many years.

What can you do to invest in yourself now?

  • You can learn a new skill. Learn more to earn more.
  • Find a good book to enhance your knowledge. All you need to know about a topic has been covered. A book can cost $20 and provide a lifetime's worth of knowledge.
  • Spend money on your overall health. Spend money on food and the best training. You want to be mentally and physically ready for anything that life throws at you.
  • Invite someone to a coffee or lunch. Offer to take someone out for lunch and you can learn a lot from someone who is a little ahead of you.
  • Participate in a conference or event related to your field. Your network is your net value, according to some experts. Do your best to reach out the best version of yourself.


7. Multi-Tasking Can be Dangerous. Focus on One Goal at Once.

Multitasking can lead to mediocre results on many different tasks. Focusing on only one task at a given time will result in remarkable results. If you try to catch two rabbits, you will end up losing all of them. Social media is full of people bragging about how much their accomplishments are, but the truth is that it's better to focus on one task at a given time.

If you have trouble focusing on one task at once, Gary Keller's "The One Thing” is a must-read. Here's an example that summarizes the whole book in one sentence.

Many of us have no problem managing our time. It is difficult to focus on one thing, so we attempt to do multiple tasks at once.

8. If You are Determined to be Unstoppable, Stop Lying to Yourself.

Self-knowledge is key to being able to accept your limitations. You don't want to lie to yourself. It's tempting to make bold statements about your plans, but it's better to set small, achievable goals that will get you there.

9. To Build Deeper Relationships, Focus on Building Quality Friendships.

How many times have we seen documentaries about celebrities, musicians, and athletes who lost everything? Even though they were surrounded by a large entourage, it was almost as if they didn't have any friends.

Few quality friends with deep connections are better than many acquaintances who do not care about you. To avoid getting sidetracked by the misery of others, surround yourself with people who are on the same mission.

10. To Achieve Greatness, one Must Accept the Pain of Others.

Avoid all pain and suffering. You will not get anywhere in your life. It's why so few people succeed in building successful businesses or getting into great physical shape. We're often unable to decide if the short-term discomfort will be worth the long-term benefits.

Accepting that the sacrifices you make today to have a better tomorrow are worth it is a cheat code few people will accept.

11. It is More Important to React than What Happens.

It's not about what happens. It's how you respond to what happens. Instead of blaming others for your problems, it's important to take responsibility for your own actions.

While you cannot control what happens, you can choose how to respond. Your response to challenges and conflict will tell a lot about you.

12. If You are Ready to Make a Change in Your Life, do it Today.

Your life never change unless you cannot change yourself. You must make tough decision to completely change your life. No one else can.

It doesn't matter if you hire coaches or pay for mentorship. But it won't mean much if you don’t commit to making a change. Your choices today will reflect the results you achieve tomorrow.

13. You Will Have to Make Sacrifices to be Successful.

It's easy to admire successful people when you look at what they've done but you don't know how they got there. You will reap the benefits of every sacrifice made today, which is good news.

14. When You Stop Worrying About What Other People Think, You Become More Powerful.

We worry so much about what others think when in reality they don't know what is best for us. It would be better if you did not worry about what others think.

Most people judge you because they are jealous of your willingness to take risks. Someone who is doing more than you will never criticize you. Criticism is more likely to come from people who are not doing as well as you.

I think this quote about worrying about the opinions of others always gets me thinking...

"When you are 20 you care about what everyone thinks. When you turn 40 you stop caring about what everyone thinks. And when you reach 60 you realize that no one ever thought of you.

Although Winston Churchill was the source of this quote, it has not been proven to be true. This is a quote that we can't agree with, regardless of who it was. We spend too much time worrying about how others view us when our opinions don’t pay the bills.

15. Your Vibe Will Attract You With Your Tribe

Although smiling may seem small at first, your energy will attract many opportunities. Your vibe attracts your tribe. You might have heard this before, but it is not something you can do until you try it. Your self-presentation to the world can determine how much energy you attract. This is something you should remember when you go out into the world.

These are 15 hack codes that will help get ahead in your life. This list can be saved and used to get inspiration or help you feel stuck.

You Can Win the Game of Life if You Work Hard

You shouldn't cheat in video games! Because you won't win! The days of pressing Down, Right, Left, and Up, respectively to unlock unlimited wealth and health will be recalled by old-school gamers. You'll be more successful if you can find a cheat key for your life.

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