Secret Tunnel Found In Synagogue In New York

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Secret tunnel found in NYC synagogue leads to 9 arrests after confrontation

Following a tumultuous scene inside a historic synagogue, where students and police clashed over a secret tunnel that led into the temple from a nearby building, nine individuals were taken into custody.

Source: Youtube/WION

According to the Associated Press, the guys who were arrested were against the tunnel's concrete filling.

When police attempted to make arrests, the protest descended into violence.
The group "broke through a few walls" in buildings adjacent to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement's headquarters in New York City, spokesperson Rabbi Motti Seligson said in an email

Three of the men were charged with hate crime enhancement, but the department declined to comment further.

About Tunnel

Seligson told the Associated Press that the tunnel is thought to have begun in the basement of an abandoned apartment building behind the headquarters, snaking under a number of offices and lecture halls before finally connecting to the synagogue.

Post on Twitter seemed to show protesters fighting with the NYPD next to a wall covered in sheets while officers were removing guys from the hole.

Source: Twitter/No jumper

After officers went to a report of disorderly conduct on Monday afternoon, nine males were charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief, among other offenses, and three men received court summonses for their actions.

Seligson wrote in his email, "A cement truck was brought in earlier today to repair those walls."

  • Baruch Dahan told the Associated Press started pushing and confusion make sure when police took the first person out with zip ties. He filmed congregants fighting.
  • According to Seligson, the structure is closed for a structural safety assessment.
    According to Andrew Rudansky, a spokesman for the New York Department of Buildings, engineers were still at the scene on Wednesday conducting investigations.
  • Seligson further mentioned that Chabad representatives have attempted to use the New York State legal system to take control of the land surrounding the synagogue, including the building to which the tunnel connected, but "the process has dragged on for years."
  • "This is, obviously, deeply distressing to the Lubavitch movement, and the Jewish community worldwide," Seligson stated.

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