Shawn Barber Canadian Pole Vaulter Champion Is Not With Us

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Shawn Barber Died at 29

Canadian pole vaulter Shawn Barber, a world champion, has died at 29, as confirmed by his agent Paul Doyle on Thursday.

In January 2016, Barber set the Canadian men's pole vault record. He secured a gold medal at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto and triumphed at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, China, later that same year.

How did Shawn Barber Die?
Shawn Barber passed away at his residence in Kingwood, Texas, on Wednesday due to medical complications, according to a statement from the University of Akron’s athletics department.

During his college years, Barber excelled as a member of the University of Akron’s track and field team, clinching three NCAA championships.

The university described Shawn Barber as "a well-liked teammate and competitor" in their statement, noting that he had been battling health issues for some time.

Shawn Barber dies at 29 Canadian Pole Vaulter Champion 2

"More than just an exceptional athlete, Shawn was a genuinely kind-hearted individual who consistently prioritized others over himself," Doyle conveyed to the Associated Press, as confirmed to CNN. "Losing such a good person at such a young age is truly tragic."

Shawn Barber made his Olympic debut at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, reaching the final where Thiago Braz of Brazil emerged victorious.

His top vault reached 6 meters, still standing as the Canadian record, as noted by

Surviving him are his brother David, his mother Ann, and his father George, according to the University of Akron’s statement.

Pole Vaulter Olympic Sport

Certainly! Pole vaulting is a track and field event in which athletes use a long, flexible pole (usually made of fiberglass or carbon fiber) to propel themselves over a horizontal bar, with the goal of clearing the greatest height possible. This event requires a combination of speed, strength, agility, and technique.

In the Olympic Games, pole vaulting has been a regular part of the track and field program since the modern Olympics began in 1896. Both men and women compete in the pole vault, and it has become one of the iconic and thrilling events of the Games.
Here's a brief overview of how the pole vault competition typically unfolds at the Olympic Games:

  • Qualification Rounds: Athletes participate in qualifying rounds to determine who advances to the final. The number of attempts and the height of the bar increase progressively until the final participants are decided.
  • Finals: The finalists compete in the final round. The bar is set at a starting height, and athletes take turns attempting to clear it. Successful athletes move on to attempt higher heights. The competition continues until only one athlete remains or until a predetermined number of attempts are exhausted.
  • Scoring: Athletes are scored based on the height they successfully clear. The winner is the athlete who clears the highest height. In case of a tie, the fewest misses at the winning height or the fewest misses throughout the competition are used as tiebreakers.
  • Records: The pole vault event at the Olympics often sees athletes attempting to break or set new Olympic and world records. The highest bar ever cleared in Olympic competition becomes a benchmark for future athletes.

Pole vaulting is not only a test of physical prowess but also a display of skill and technique. Athletes must have precise control over their bodies and the pole to navigate the bar successfully. The event often captivates audiences with its suspenseful moments as athletes attempt increasingly challenging heights.

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