California Mass Shooting Suspect Found Dead in Jail Cell Awaiting Trial

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California Mass Shooting Suspect Dead in Jail

Smiley Martin, a suspect in the deadly California mass shooting that left six people dead in April 2022, has been found dead in his jail cell while awaiting trial.

The 29-year-old's attorney confirmed his passing on Saturday morning.

California Mass Shooting Suspect’s Death Under Investigation

Martin was one of three individuals arrested following the violent altercation in downtown Sacramento that escalated into a lethal gunfight. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the California mass shooting suspect's death.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office reported finding the 29-year-old inmate unresponsive around 2:15 AM at the Sacramento County Main Jail. Despite efforts by medical personnel, he could not be revived and was subsequently declared dead.

Source: Twitter/BBC News

California Mass Shooting Suspect’s Attorney Expresses Sorrow

Norman Dawson, Martin's lawyer, expressed his sorrow upon learning of his client's passing on Saturday morning, calling it a tragic incident.

Martin was among three individuals detained in connection with the April 2022 mass shooting, which stands as the deadliest incident in Sacramento's history.

According to authorities, the shootout stemmed from gang-related violence.

California Mass Shooting: A Brutal Gang-Related Incident

Footage from the incident captured a brawl erupting on the street, followed by the sound of rapid gunfire.

In the chaos, several individuals were caught in the crossfire and killed while attempting to escape, including a 57-year-old, the oldest victim. Additionally, twelve others sustained injuries.

Alongside Martin, his brother Dandrae, and a third individual, Mtula Payton, faced murder charges. Their trials for the California mass shooting have not yet commenced.

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