National Park Ranger Tom Lorig Dies at Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival

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Tom Lorig Dies at Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival

In a somber turn of events at Bryce Canyon National Park's annual astronomy festival, beloved ranger Tom Lorig, aged 78, met his untimely demise after a tragic accident.

According to park authorities, Lorig, renowned for his dedicated service spanning 14 National Park sites, including Yosemite and Carlsbad Caverns, tripped and struck his head on a rock during the event on Friday evening.

A Legacy of Service and Dedication

Lorig's extensive contributions as both a ranger and volunteer garnered widespread recognition and admiration within the National Park Service community.

Superintendent Jim Ireland expressed heartfelt condolences, lauding Lorig's role in fostering connections between visitors and the natural wonders they cherish.

Source: Twitter/KUTV2news

Remembering Tom Lorig

In a poignant tribute on Facebook, Bryce Canyon National Park highlighted Lorig's unwavering commitment to public service and acknowledged the profound impact of his loss.

Lorig's dedication extended beyond his role as a ranger, as evidenced by his previous work as a registered nurse and his efforts to preserve park history, exemplified by his return of a historic sign to Carlsbad Caverns National Park in 2013.

Tragic End During Astronomy Festival

The fatal accident occurred as Lorig was assisting a park visitor to a shuttle bus during the annual astronomy festival.

Despite immediate efforts from fellow rangers, emergency responders, and park visitors to revive him, Lorig succumbed to his injuries.

A Festival of Exploration and Wonder

The Bryce Canyon Astronomy Festival, an annual celebration of space exploration, typically features activities such as telescope viewing, workshops on astrophotography, and guided tours of constellations.

However, this year's event was overshadowed by the loss of a cherished member of the park community.

Mourning a Loss, Celebrating a Legacy

As the National Park Service mourns the loss of Tom Lorig, his legacy of service and dedication to preserving natural wonders and fostering visitor connections will endure.

The tragic accident serves as a sobering reminder of the risks inherent in park operations, even during festive occasions aimed at celebrating the beauty of the cosmos.

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