Former Employee Files Lawsuit Against Kanye West for Discrimination and Unsafe Working Conditions

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Former Worker Files Lawsuit Against Kanye West.

A former employee of Kanye West has filed a lawsuit against Knaye West, the superstar, his Yeezy clothing brand, and his Los Angeles-based school, citing discrimination, a hostile work environment, retaliation for whistleblowing, and unsafe working conditions, among other grievances.

Allegations Against Kanye West

Trevor Phillips, who previously worked for both Yeezy and Donda Academy, initiated legal action against West in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming that West responded harshly when Phillips resisted his prejudice and unlawful directives.

Phillips alleges constant harassment, embarrassment, and attempts by West to mentally manipulate and ruin him, including threats of physical harm.

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Claims Regarding Employment at Yeezy and Donda Academy

Phillips asserts that he joined West's Yeezy clothing brand in 2022, overseeing projects related to cultivating materials for Yeezy clothing.

However, after West's controversial antisemitic remarks in October of that year, Phillips' business partners severed ties with him, leading Phillips to transition to Donda Academy.

There, he claims to have overheard West making disturbing statements to students and perpetuating Hitler references within the workplace.

Further Allegations of Workplace Misconduct

In addition to discriminatory remarks and unsettling behavior, Phillips alleges that West subjected him to perform risky electrical work and renovations at Donda Academy without proper qualifications or permits.

Phillips also claims erratic termination and rehiring by West, as well as a confrontation where West threatened him with physical violence in front of staff and students.

Legal Action and Damages Sought

Phillips is seeking damages exceeding $35,000 in his lawsuit against Kanye West and his entities, highlighting a pattern of discriminatory conduct, workplace hostility, and safety violations.

Context of Lawsuit Amidst West’s Career Endeavors

This lawsuit arises as West endeavors to revive his music career following periods of controversy. Despite the legal challenges, West's collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign, "Vultures 1," recently topped both the Billboard album and singles charts. However, West's performance at the Rolling Loud festival in Inglewood received mixed reviews.

The spokesperson for West, now known as Ye, was unavailable for comment at the time of reporting.

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