Rashee Rice Leases Lamborghini Implicated in Dallas Collision

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Dallas Police Seek Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver in Hit-and-Run Incident

Rashee Rice Linked to Multi-Vehicle Collision

In a recent development, it was disclosed that Rashee Rice, a wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, is being sought by the Dallas Police Department in connection with a hit-and-run accident that occurred on Saturday evening. The collision involved two high-speed vehicles, a Corvette and a Lamborghini, racing on the North Central Expressway in north Dallas.

Source: Twitter/KX News

Collision Details

Kristin Lowman, a spokesperson for the Dallas Police Department, confirmed that the incident took place around 6:25 p.m. The Lamborghini, reportedly leased by Rice, lost control and collided with the median wall, triggering a chain reaction involving four other vehicles. Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Uncertainty Regarding Rice’s Involvement

While Rice's involvement in the accident remains unconfirmed, the Dallas Police Department is actively seeking suspects. At present, Rice's attorney has stated that the NFL player is cooperating with authorities, but further details have not been provided. Police have yet to disclose any information about individuals they are seeking, including whether Rice is among them.

The Rental Arrangement

According to reports, Rice had leased the Lamborghini from The Classic Lifestyle, a Dallas-based company specializing in exotic car rentals. Under the terms of the lease, Rice would have been the sole authorized driver of the vehicle, which typically rents for approximately $1,750 per day and has an estimated value of $250,000.

Incident Aftermath

Following the collision, both the Lamborghini and the Corvette reportedly left the scene without attending to potential injuries or providing necessary information. The crash resulted in minor injuries to individuals in other vehicles, who received medical treatment for their injuries.

Legal and Personal Background of Rashee Rice

Rice, a member of the Super Bowl-winning Chiefs team, hails from the Dallas area. He attended SMU and grew up in North Richland Hills, a suburb of Fort Worth. State Senator Royce West, representing Rice, has stated that Rice is committed to handling the situation responsibly.

Ongoing Investigation

The Dallas Police Department continues its investigation into the hit-and-run incident, striving to identify suspects and ascertain the circumstances leading to the collision. Further updates are expected as the investigation progresses.

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