Exciting Movie Releases to Look Forward to in April

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Must-Watch Movies Coming to Theaters in April

In March, there was a resurgence of movies with big releases. Dune: Part Two kicked things off, and films like Kung Fu Panda 4, the Ghostbusters sequel, Love Lies Bleeding, and Late Night with the Devil drew crowds to theaters or garnered praise from critics for their unique twists on horror, sci-fi, and crime genres.

April might not be as packed with blockbuster releases, but if you pay attention, there are some hidden gems waiting to be discovered among the mainstream movies. The month will feature two revenge films, an action movie stirring up controversy with some intellect behind it, and a fiery sports drama starring one of today's most glamorous movie stars. It's a solid lineup, so don't miss out on these films before they get overshadowed by the summer movie season at the multiplex.

Civil War (April 12)

Source: Youtube/A24

No, this isn't the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Captain America: Civil War or a historical portrayal of the American Civil War in the 1860s. Instead, it's a fictional movie envisioning a scenario where the present-day United States divides along ideological lines.

Just to clarify, it's entirely fictional and not meant to reflect our current divided political landscape! In this alternate universe, Texas and California have formed an alliance (!), Florida heads a Southern coalition (as expected), and the President of the United States is a dictator serving a third term.

Challengers (April 26)

Source: Youtube/MGM

You might know about Challengers, a tennis movie starring Zendaya, Josh O’Connor from The Crown, and Mike Faist. Originally supposed to come out in September 2023, it got delayed to April because the actors were on strike. During this time, folks on Twitter have been talking a lot about the trailers and pictures, which show some pretty bold stuff happening both on and off the tennis court. That’s not too surprising since the movie was directed by Luca Guadagnino, who also directed Call Me by Your Name and Bones and All.

Zendaya plays Tashi, a former tennis star whose career was cut short by an injury. Now working as a coach, she's caught between two rival tennis players: the confident Patrick and the reserved Art. Fast forward years later, Tashi is married to Art and is coaching him for a shot at winning a Grand Slam.

But before they can succeed, they must confront their past and overcome the obstacle to Art's comeback: Patrick, who still has feelings for Tashi. Does this sound like a soap opera? Absolutely, but the talented team behind the film raises the quality, and there's a lot of interest in how director Guadagnino handles the intimate scenes. That curiosity alone makes this a must-watch for April.

Boy Kills World (April 26)

Source: Youtube/RoadSideFlix

In April, there are two movies with similar revenge-driven storylines, and while Dev Patel’s Monkey Man looks promising, Boy Kills World is equally enticing. The plot follows a young boy who witnesses his family's brutal murder and barely escapes into the jungle. Traumatized and rendered mute, he teaches himself to become a skilled fighter. Years later, he grows into a muscular Bill Skarsgård, seeking vengeance for his family's death.

Boy Kills World takes a humorous approach to its bloody revenge story, with H. Jon Benjamin, known as the voice of Bob from Bob’s Burgers, narrating the boy's inner thoughts. With remakes of The Crow and Nosferatu scheduled for later in 2024, Skarsgård seems set for a breakout year. If he's anything like his brother, Alexander, in The Northman, he'll carve out a niche for himself with violent, ultra-masculine cult films.

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