David Schwimmer Joins Season 2 of “Goosebumps” on Disney+

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David Schwimmer Joins Season 2 of “Goosebumps” on Disney+

Disney+ has confirmed that David Schwimmer will be part of the cast for Season 2 of "Goosebumps," as reported by Variety.

A New Chapter Unfolds
Based on R.L. Stine's beloved book series published by Scholastic, "Goosebumps" premiered its first season on the streaming platform in October 2023. The announcement of Season 2 in February brought with it a new direction for the series, embracing an anthology format where each season introduces fresh storylines and casts. David Schwimmer's involvement marks the first addition to this renewed ensemble.

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The official description of Season 2 teases a captivating tale following teenage siblings who stumble upon a mysterious threat, setting off a quest to unravel a profound mystery. Their journey intertwines with the chilling story of four teenagers who mysteriously vanished in 1994, adding layers of intrigue and suspense to the narrative.

Schwimmer’s Role

In this upcoming season, David Schwimmer takes on the character of Anthony, a former botany professor and divorced father of teenage twins. His life takes a tumultuous turn as he juggles the responsibilities of caring for his aging parent while having his kids for the summer.

The choice of David Schwimmer's character hints at potential connections to the "Goosebumps" book "Stay Out of the Basement," where a botanist plays a pivotal role.

A Versatile Talent
Renowned for his portrayal of Ross Geller in the iconic sitcom "Friends," Schwimmer has garnered acclaim throughout his career. Notably, he earned an Emmy nomination in 1995 for his role in "Friends" and received another nomination for his portrayal of Robert Kardashian in "The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story."

David Schwimmer's extensive TV credits include "Band of Brothers," "Intelligence," and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," while in film, he's recognized for the "Madagascar" series and movies like "Six Days Seven Nights" and "The Laundromat."

Behind the Scenes

The development of "Goosebumps" for television is led by Nicholas Stoller and Rob Letterman, who also serve as executive producers. Showrunner Hilary Winston oversees the series alongside executive producers Neal H. Moritz, Pavun Shetty, Iole Lucchese, Caitlin Friedman, Conor Welch, and Erin O'Malley.

Produced by Sony Pictures Television Studios for Disney Branded Television, the series is set to continue its thrilling journey with Season 2, further exploring the imaginative world crafted by R.L. Stine.

Anticipated Renewal
Following the success of its first season, Disney+ announced the renewal of "Goosebumps" for a second installment comprising eight episodes.

The news was met with enthusiasm from Disney Branded Television president Ayo Davis, who expressed excitement about the opportunity to delve deeper into R.L. Stine's captivating universe and collaborate once again with the talented creative team behind the show.

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