Netflix Ad-Supported Tier Booms: 40 Million Users and Growing Strong

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Netflix Ad-Supported Tier Sees Explosive Growth, Reaching 40 Million Users

Netflix ad-supported subscription plan, launched just 18 months ago, has experienced tremendous growth.

The platform boasts a staggering 40 million monthly active users globally, nearly double the number it had at the beginning of 2024.

This significant increase highlights the success of this new pricing strategy.

Source: Twitter/MacRumors

Affordability Drives User Adoption

The affordability of the ad-supported plan is a major factor behind its popularity. At $7 per month, it's significantly cheaper than both competing streaming services and even Netflix's own ad-free subscriptions.

This pricing encourages users to switch from password sharing to individual accounts, further boosting revenue for Netflix.

From Staunch Opposition to Full Embrace: Netflix and Advertising

After years of firmly opposing advertising, Netflix made a surprising about-face in 2022. Citing strategic reasons and investor pressure, the company partnered with Microsoft to develop and launch an ad-supported tier within the same year.

This rapid transition from announcement to implementation showcased Netflix's agility in adapting to market demands.

Beyond Ads: Live Content Expands User Base

In addition to the ad tier, Netflix is enriching its offerings with live content, including comedy shows, prestigious award ceremonies, and even sporting events.

A recent partnership with the NFL to broadcast Christmas Day games further broadens Netflix's appeal and attracts new demographics.

Netflix Builds Its Own Ad Tech Platform

Netflix is taking control of its advertising future by developing its own ad technology platform.

This platform will offer advertisers new ways to purchase ad space, access deeper audience insights, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

By internalizing ad tech, Netflix aims to replicate the level of excellence it has achieved in streaming technology.

Highly Engaged Audience: A Win-Win for Viewers and Advertisers

Data from Nielsen reveals that over 70% of Netflix's ad-supported subscribers watch content for more than 10 hours per month, significantly higher than its closest competitor.

This highlights the strong engagement of Netflix audiences, who actively choose to spend a substantial amount of time on the platform.

This level of engagement benefits both viewers, who receive valuable content, and advertisers, who can reach a highly receptive audience.

Looking Ahead: A Promising Future for Netflix Advertising

With the ad-supported tier gaining traction, Netflix is looking towards a bright future for advertising. Peter Naylor, Vice President of Advertising Sales, expressed optimism and emphasized the platform's focus on growth and momentum.

This positive outlook suggests that Netflix advertising is poised for continued success.

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