Rory McIlroy Files for Divorce After Seven Years of Marriage

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Rory McIlroy Files for Divorce from wife

Rory McIlroy Files for Divorce after seven years of marriage to Erica Stoll. The news comes just days before the PGA Championship, where McIlroy is set to compete.

McIlroy Met Stoll in Unconventional Manner
The couple's relationship began in an interesting way. In 2012, at the Ryder Cup in Chicago, Stoll, who was working for the PGA of America, helped McIlroy out of a jam.

McIlroy, forgetting about the time zone difference, almost missed his Sunday singles match.

Source: Twitter/Sky News

Stoll, however, arranged for a police escort, ensuring he arrived on time to win the match. At the time, McIlroy was engaged to Caroline Wozniacki, but their engagement ended shortly after. Later that year, McIlroy and Stoll began dating, and they were engaged in 2015.

Divorce Follows PGA Tour Win

Rory McIlroy files for divorce shortly after his victory at the Wells Fargo Championship. This win marked his 26th career PGA Tour victory and his second consecutive win.

When asked about his plans after the win, McIlroy mentioned returning home to regroup before heading to Valhalla for the PGA Championship.

McIlroy in the Midst of Golf World Upheaval

Rory McIlroy's divorce comes amidst a period of significant change in the golfing world. The emergence of Saudi-funded LIV Golf has shaken things up, and McIlroy has been a central figure in the ongoing controversy.

Initially, he strongly condemned LIV Golf, but later shifted his stance, advocating for a path towards reconciliation. Last November, he stepped down from the PGA Tour board and attempted to rejoin by replacing another player director.

This move, however, faced opposition, and McIlroy was ultimately assigned to a committee tasked with negotiating with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia regarding a potential minority investor stake.

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