Saquon Barkley: Philadelphia Eagles Deny NFL Tampering Allegations in Signing

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Philadelphia Eagles Deny Tampering Allegations in Saquon Barkley Signing

The Philadelphia Eagles have rebuffed accusations of violating the NFL's tampering policy amidst claims that running back Saquon Barkley communicated with general manager Howie Roseman during the permissible negotiating period, as asserted by his former Penn State coach.

Investigation Underway: On Thursday, the NFL disclosed to USA TODAY Sports that an investigation is in progress to determine whether the 2022 NFC champions indeed breached tampering regulations in enticing the two-time Pro Bowler to depart from the New York Giants. Barkley ultimately inked a deal with the NFC East rival as a free agent.

Eagles' Response: As reported by North, a member of the USA TODAY Network, the Eagles have maintained that they did not engage in unauthorized communication with Barkley prior to finalizing his lucrative three-year, $37.75 million contract on Monday.

Denials from Both Sides: Both the Eagles and Saquon Barkley have refuted the allegations of tampering, asserting their adherence to league regulations.

Source: Twitter/Fox News 

Coach Franklin’s Statement

The issue arose following remarks made by Penn State head football coach James Franklin during his spring press conference on Tuesday.

Franklin hinted that Barkley had discussions with Eagles general manager Howie Roseman as part of his decision-making process before entering free agency. Franklin, who coached Barkley during his three seasons with the Nittany Lions, mentioned that he also conversed with Saquon Barkley last offseason during a contract standoff with the Giants.

Barkley hails from Coplay, Pennsylvania, located approximately an hour north of Philadelphia.

Barkley's Clarification: Saquon Barkley clarified on Thursday that Franklin misunderstood the situation, emphasizing that it was his agent who highlighted the Penn State connection in discussions with the Eagles.

NFL Tampering Policy: The NFL introduced its tampering policy to safeguard the contract and negotiation rights of member clubs while ensuring a fair and competitive environment for acquiring and retaining player talent within the league.

Two-Day Negotiating Period: Teams are allowed to engage with players' agents two days before the expiration of their current contracts, known as the "two-day negotiating period." This permits contract extensions or new signings to be announced before the official start of free agency.

Restrictions During Negotiations: During this period, players are restricted from visiting team facilities other than their current club's, and direct communication between players and representatives of other clubs is strictly prohibited, as emphasized in the league's anti-tampering policy.

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