“Exploring the Significance and Traditions of St. Patrick’s Day”

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Cities color their rivers green. The top politician of Ireland heads to the U.S. for a meeting with the president. People raise mugs filled with green beer as they celebrate St.

Patrick's Day on Sunday, March 17. While many Americans treat it as a casual drinking day, it holds significant importance as a national holiday in Ireland, representing a source of immense pride.

To learn more about the holiday's origins, USA TODAY previously interviewed Elizabeth Stack, who serves as the executive director of Albany's Irish American Heritage Museum, and Brian Witt, the cultural exhibits coordinator for Milwaukee Irish Fest.

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What significance does St. Patrick’s Day hold?

St. Patrick, considered Ireland's patron saint, was brought to the country after being kidnapped and enslaved. Despite escaping, he later returned and played a crucial role in spreading Christianity across the island.

According to Witt, St. Patrick's Day allows Irish and Irish Americans to "embrace their heritage." Stack adds that the parades held in locations like the United States and England signify "the Irish people's impact on society – showing they were embraced and recognized as valued citizens."

Stack mentioned that St. Patrick's Day was initially a somber religious observance, but it gained its association with drinking when Americans began celebrating it.

Despite St. Patrick purportedly being born in Britain, the day remains a significant bank holiday and family-oriented occasion in Ireland.

Why Celebrated?

March 17 is the day St. Patrick is believed to have died.

Interesting Tidbit: The Traditional Color Linked with St. Patrick Isn’t Green

St. Patrick's original color association is with blue. So why do people opt for green attire?

Witt clarifies, "Irish Americans wore green to signify their strong allegiance to nationalism." He further explains that the colors of the Irish flag—green, white, and orange—represent Irish nationalism, the Orangemen of the north, and peace respectively.

Stack adds that the idea of wearing green to "stay hidden from leprechauns" is a myth that originated in America.

Is St. Patrick's Day a federal holiday?

St. Patrick's Day isn't recognized as a federal holiday in the United States. This means that post offices, banks, and the majority of businesses and stores will remain open on Friday, even with parades and festivities taking place.

The Count of Irish Americans: Statistics and Figures

Per an announcement from the U.S. Census Bureau, numerous Americans have cause for celebration this St. Patrick's Day:

In 2022, a total of 30.7 million individuals residing in the United States reported Irish ancestry. According to data from 2022, Cook County, Illinois, encompassing Chicago, boasts the highest Irish-American population among counties nationwide, tallying at 418,997. Additionally, there are 112,251 U.S. residents who were born in Ireland.

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