Where is Wendy Williams? Key Revelations from Lifetime’s Documentary

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Where Is Wendy Williams?

Just days after Wendy Williams' diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia became public, a candid new Lifetime documentary delved into the talk show host's declining health.

Airing the first installment of its documentary titled "Where Is Wendy Williams?" the network showcased Williams grappling with her health challenges, notably the autoimmune condition Graves' disease.

Additionally, the documentary addressed Williams' placement under financial guardianship in 2022, leading her to express financial struggles.

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Amid her diagnosis, Williams expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support from well-wishers, acknowledging the overwhelming response to her revelation of Aphasia and Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD).

"I want to express my deep appreciation for the love and kind words I've received since sharing my diagnosis. Your response has been incredible," Williams conveyed in a statement provided to The Associated Press.

"The messages I've received have truly moved me, highlighting the power of unity and the importance of compassion."

These revelations marked significant moments in the initial episodes of the documentary.

Wendy Williams Affirms She’s in Good Health Following Stay at Wellness Center

In the beginning of "Where Is Wendy Williams?," Williams opposes the choice to send her to a wellness center in California shortly after her initial interview for the documentary in 2022.

She mentions that her manager, Will Selby, and guardian were the ones who took her there, but when questioned about the reason, she maintains, "I don't have a clue."

After Selby interjects, suggesting that Williams "needed some rest," she responds by stating that she can rest where she currently is. Williams then declines to respond further to questions, asserting, "I'm perfectly healthy."

Wendy Williams' nephew says she almost died in 2020

In the documentary, Wendy Williams' friend and former colleague, DJ Boof, expresses concern about her health while they worked together remotely on her talk show in 2020.

Observing her delayed responses and fatigue, he felt convinced that COVID wasn't solely responsible for her condition. Williams was hospitalized that May.

Her nephew, Travis Finnie, recalls DJ Boof's distress call to their family, expressing fear that she was in grave danger and urgently needed assistance.

Finnie reveals that Williams underwent three blood transfusions, which he believes saved her life. He attributes this medical crisis to Williams' alcohol consumption.

DJ Boof also remembers visiting the hospital to check on Williams during that period and feeling uncertain if she recognized him. "I just had this sense that she wasn't herself anymore," he remarked.

Wendy Williams was unaware that she wouldn’t be coming back to her show.

Williams' talk show got canceled in February 2022 following a hiatus because of her health problems. Her niece, Alex Finnie, recounts informing Williams about this, who remained under the impression that she would eventually return to the show.

"My aunt wasn't aware that she wouldn't be returning to the show," Finnie states, mentioning that when she broke the news about the cancellation, "She couldn't accept it."

Wendy Williams’ son says he hasn’t seen her in 8 months

Kevin Hunter Jr., Wendy Williams' son, mentioned in one interview for the documentary that he last saw his mother eight months ago when she visited Florida to spend time with her family in 2021.

During that visit, Williams seemed to be improving significantly, according to her nephew, Travis Finnie.

Finnie explains that Williams returned to New York to address the legal case in which she was placed under financial guardianship. Since then, Williams' son has been "completely cut off financially," Finnie states. However, Hunter denies any allegations of attempting to exploit Williams financially.

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