Alabama vs Michigan, Rose Bowl Cup 2024, NCAA College Football, Highlights

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College Football Playoff Cases:

No. 1 - Michigan
No. 2 - Washington
No. 3 - Texas
No. 4 - Alabama

When And Where Is The Rose Bowl 2024?

The rose bowl traditionally take place on JANUARY 1st at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena , California.

Rose Bowl 2024 Score: FINAL/OT

MICHIGAN -27(14-0)
ALABAMA - 20(12-2)

Rose Bowl 2024 Highlight:

After hard fight Michigan beats Alabama (27-20) to win Rose Bowl.

The Michigan Wolverines has finally done the odd over the Alabama Crimson tide,27-20

The top team in the country was able to claw back from a fourth quarter deficit to defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide in overtime, 27-20, in the 2024 Rose Bowl cup to send the Wolverines to their first national championship game.

Michigan struggled to move the ball in the second half and facing a touchdown deficit the Michigan offense was able to put together its best drive of the game in the final minutes to tie it and send it to overtime. In opening time possession Blake Corum was able to score on, Alabama stopped on fourth while defense and won the game by doing the following possession goal.

Source; Twitter/ESPN

Overtime: Michigan leads 27-20, Blake Corum scores 17-yard TD

In overtime Michigan got the ball first and only took two plays to reach the end zone for the lead. Blake Corum cut outside left on a power run, following his blockers, and scampered in for the go-ahead touchdown. It was the 56th rushing touchdown of Blake Corum's career, breaking Anthony Thomas' record for the most rushing touchdowns all-time in Michigan football history.

Three Players To Watch In Rose Bowl 2024

1. Alabama - QB Jalen Milroe
2. Michigan - DB Mike Sainristil
3. Alabama - EDGE Dallas Turner

College Football Overtime Rules:

The overtime rules in college football are a bit different in years past, as after the second overtime, each team gets only one play. Here is the format:

First OT

  • Teams start at opponent’s 25-yard line
  • Each team has one possession

Second OT

  • Teams start at opponent’s 25-yard line
  • Each team has one possession
  • If either team scores a touchdown, it must attempt 2 point conversion

Third OT

  • Teams alternate 2 point conversion attempts until one team winsAlt text – Rose Bowl Cup score, Michigan vs Alabama , ncaa football
Rose Bowl Cup score, Michigan vs Alabama , ncaa football
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