Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigns; Presidency Serves Alan Garber

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Why Did Harvard President Claudine Gay Resign?

Source: Youtube/CNN-News18

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned from her position on Tuesday after just six months of tenure, driven by allegations of plagiarism and backlash over her congressional testimony about anti-Semitism on campus on December 5th. At the testimony, Claudine Gay and other university presidents were criticised for failing to definitively say that calls for the genocide of Jaws constituted bullying and harassment on campus.

Claudine Gay, the first black president in Harvard’s 388-year history, has come under pressure to resign from Harvard’s Jewish community and some members of Congress over her comments, while also facing several allegations of plagiarism for her academic work in recent months.

In a letter to the Harvard Community Claudine Gay said that her decision to step down had been difficult beyond words.

Source: Twitter/The Harvard Crimson

Claudine words:

After consultation with members of the Harvard Corporation, it has become clear that it is in the best interest of Harvard for me to resign so that our community can navigate these moments of extraordinary challenge with a focus on the institution rather than any individual person.

The New President Of Harvard University, Alan Garber

The Harvard Corporation, the university’s 11-member governing body, said in an email to the community that its members had accepted Claudine Gay’s resignation with sorrow and that the school’s provost and chief academic officer, Alan Garber, would take over as president.

Harvard President Salary

According to The Crimson, a Harvard student newspaper, Claudine Gay's estimated base salary as president was around $800,000 annually.

In the calendar year 2021, Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow earned more than $1.3 million.

David J. Malan, a computer science professor, was the highest-paid employee. He earned around $1.59 million.

Who Chooses Harvard President?

All of the corporation’s members, as well as certain members of the Harvard board of overseers, the university’s second-highest governing body, mutually select and serve as the next president.

Harvard University Fees for Students

  • Undergraduate programs The total number of students at Harvard University is around $72,000.
  • The tuition cost of graduate students widely varies across graduate schools, from $29,000 to $54,000.
  • Living expenses for the graduate students are around $43,000 for 10 months.

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