Exploring The Apple Vision Pro: A Firsthand Journey That Left Me Impressed

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Unveiling the Apple Vision Pro

At some point, I plan to live inside the Apple Vision Pro – working, checking messages, playing games, and watching shows. Priced at $3,499, Apple's mixed reality headset aspires to be the future computer, though I'm uncertain if it'll be my current go-to.

For now, I've had demos providing a glimpse into Apple's direction. The latest one, just days before the headset hit the market, was my most in-depth experience yet, albeit still a limited one.

Apple is charting a different course than previous VR or AR headsets, showcasing unique features. I'm intrigued by where its strengths and shortcomings lie, given my decade-long history with headsets.

For those contemplating the Apple Vision Pro, here's a brief overview of my short demo sessions, each lasting around 30 minutes. While I haven't conducted a full review, my usage has revealed that, initially, the apple Vision Pro is a product you might want to hold off on – especially considering its high cost. However, it does have standout moments. And, at times, things can get a bit quirky.

Apple Vision Pro’s Fit and Band Options

Wearing the Apple Vision Pro for the fourth time, I noticed noteworthy details. The passthrough view, though impressive, didn't match crystal-clear eyesight.

The field of view, like other VR headsets, is limited. Adjusting the headset for a proper fit requires effort. Apple provides two head straps: the ribbed Solo Knit feels top-heavy, while the Dual Loop offers improved balance.

The simpler Solo Knit may be designed for easy on/off, influencing user preference. Both bands attach securely, and adjusting the Dual Loop's fit is straightforward. The overall fit compares similarly to the Meta Quest 3.

Exploring The Apple Vision Pro A Firsthand Journey (2)
Source: Apple

Apple Vision Play Display

Repeatedly, I've grown to admire the standout feature of the apple Vision Pro – its display. Apple recognizes its brilliance. During my demo, the high-resolution micro-OLED display showcased captivating photos, spatial videos, and movie trailers.

Watching "Ted Lasso" and a Star Wars trailer in a Disney-optimized environment felt immersive, resembling a cinematic experience. At $3,499, it may seem indulgent, but the potential as a personal cinema is undeniable.

Exploring The Apple Vision Pro A Firsthand Journey
Source: Apple

The audio, delivered through built-in speakers, is impressive, yet the prospect of using lossless AirPods Pro 2 buds for enhanced immersion remains intriguing.

I experimented with the Jigspace 3D app, showcasing its impressive high-fidelity 3D models. While Jigspace is already available on iOS with ARKit support, my experience with the Apple Vision Pro was remarkable.

Dropping a life-size F1 race car into my demo room yielded stellar visuals, reminiscent of the Varjo XR-3 headset but without the need for a PC. Walking around the model, tapping to manipulate components, felt like exploring a dynamic museum – so immersive that I almost felt I could trip over the lifelike car parts.

Apple Vision Pro With Multitasking, Keyboard, And Siri

According to the information I've received, the Vision Pro's exceptional quality sets it apart from all other VR and AR headsets. My experience involved opening three apps simultaneously Safari, a demo menu app, and Yummly/Photos. Navigating was intuitive, using a menu bar and finger gestures to move and expand windows.

Apple's approach to multitasking is versatile, catering even to apps with immersive 3D elements. Siri plays a role, allowing commands like closing all app windows or launching an app. Voice dictation in Safari enhances user interaction.

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Source: Apple

The pop-up keyboard floats in the air, offering touch or eye-tracking inputs, though not as ideal as Siri or a Bluetooth keyboard. While virtual typing challenges persist, the Vision Pro's potential for seamless multitasking sets it in a league of its own.

Hand-Eye Coordination

The Vision Pro's distinct quality, unmatched in the realm of VR and AR headsets, shines through in my three-app simultaneous trial—Safari, a menu demo, and Yummly/Photos. Navigating is seamless, employing a menu bar and finger gestures for window control.

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Apple's universal approach to multitasking is promising, especially for 3D apps. Siri plays a crucial role, enabling commands like closing all windows or launching apps. Voice dictation in Safari adds to the interactive experience.

The floating pop-up keyboard allows touch or eye-tracking inputs, though not as efficient as Siri or a Bluetooth keyboard. While true virtual typing remains a challenge, the Vision Pro's potential for effortless multitasking positions it uniquely in the VR/AR landscape.

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